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Santiago Morali - CEO Founder Dr.Troy and Filmbook®

Creative, founder and CEO of Dr.Troy and Filmbook®.

Advertising and communication professional.


AMP in Media & Entertainment by IESE in New York and Los Angeles. Bachelor in Economics by the UB (Barcelona) with exchange programs with HEC in Liège (Belgium) and Abo Academy  (Finland). Educated in the American School of Barcelona (ASB). Speaks 5 languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Italian).


Over 15 years of experience on international advertising production for different world brand launches. As CEO and Executive Producer, has participated in over 200 advertising commercials, majority of them for international brands such as Nike, Adidas, Telefónica, BMW, General Electric, Audi and Budweiser.


In October 2014, a new international expansion strategy starts by opening an office in New York.


Juan Morali - Transmedia Director and Co-Founder

Specialized in marketing and media communications, graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts & Latin-­american Literature at the University of Texas at Austin. During his career, he has designed communication and advertising campaigns and strategies for media groups such as Canal+, Telefónica, MediaPro, and Grupo Zeta; managed the contents of musical theatre productions for Filmax and worked in film distribution at On Pictures (Grupo Zeta). He also collaborated as a marketing consultant with Universal Networks, Nike, Coca-­Cola and Häagen­ Dazs, among others. 


He has served as transmedia developer for the leading TV production house Grupo Ganga. He is an Audience Design expert for the Torino Film Lab focusing particularly on audio-visual narratives shaped by digital environments and promoted through cutting-edge engagement strategies. He directs several workshops and

master-classes at international film festivals all over Europe on behalf of the Torino Film Lab. Right now, he is focused in the use of Big Data Analysis through Séntisis, a natural language platform, to track, analyze and give qualitative feedback on Social Media traffic regarding  Contents, and Brands including Film, TV & Media. 

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